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Innovative academic programs and outstanding faculty who are active scholars and teachers provide the foundation for a rich learning environment for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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Students in the CMTI master’s program, which prepares them for careers in the medical device industry, spend the summer in operating rooms and other clinical settings, learning firsthand how to design and improve the tools that physicians and other clinicians need.

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Welcome to AME 191, the Art and Technology of Recording. Students learn not only the theories, technologies and aesthetics of audio recording and engineering, but what it’s like to actually practice the craft in the real world. That’s because their teacher is a Grammy-winning audio engineer, who has owned and operated his own recording studio for 15 years, toured the globe as a drummer with Saxon Shore, and free-lanced not only on drums, but guitar, bass, vocals, keyboard and banjo.

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When Isabelle Schmit walked into the Department of Computer Science five years ago for freshman orientation, she looked around the room and counted only five women among 60 students. Not anymore. The number of female students who enroll in the department and graduate with degrees has increased dramatically in recent years, thanks to support from the BRAID Initiative, and the University’s open curriculum.

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