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Industry Practicum Co-op Program

Application Process Checklist

  1. Meet with Kelly Johnson to gain an overview of the program.
  2. Meet with your faculty adviser to discuss participation the Industry Practicum Co-op Program, preferably in the beginning of your sophomore year. Departmental approval is REQUIRED for participation in the Industry Practicum Co-op Program.
  3. Check with Financial Aid, Residential Life, International Student Office and other appropriate departments to discuss how an Industry Practicum Co-op work experience might affect your status.
  4. Create a professional resume. Career advisors at the Career Center are available to help you develop a resume and to critique your drafts. You must also submit your resume online in the Career Center's electronic database (a counselor will help you do this). For additional information about the electronic database, make an appointment with Ellen Cole or Laura Godwin in the Career Center.
  5. Meet with Ellen Cole or Laura Godwin to register for the Industry Practicum Co-op and establish a file. This file will include a resume, unofficial transcript, and a completed Student Information form. All forms can be obtained from Kelly Johnson.
  6. Target employers. The Career Center counselors will help you to identify and contact potential employers. Positions will be maintained in a binder in the Career Center on the third floor of Meliora Hall, as well as in the Dean's Office, Lattimore 306.
  7. Fill out a Change of Status form and return it to the Dean's Office, Lattimore 306.
  8. Notify the Kelly Johnson immediately after accepting an Industry Practicum Co-op position.
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Michael Lawrie had never used a mill machine in his life. But by the end of EAS141 – the Hajim School’s basic mechanical fabrication class – Lawrie had used a mill and other tools to craft a nifty iPhone stand out of metal.

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