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Alumni and Friends

Stewart Bushman '95, an engineer at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, led the propulsion system that guided NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto.

Michele Weslander-Quaid '94, Google's Chief Technology Officer and Innovation Evangelist, was been named one of the "7 most powerful women to watch in 2014" by Entrepreneur magazine.

Lee Feinberg '87 is Optical Telescope Element Manager for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope project.

Randy Essex '75 designs tunnels all over the world, in places they could never have been built before.

Charles Munnerlyn '69 is one of the founding fathers of laser vision correction.

John Seinfeld '64 has defined and revolutionized the study of air pollution and its impact on human health.

And Jay Last '51 is considered one of the "fathers" of Silicon Valley and an early leader in the development of semiconductors.

These are examples of UR engineering alumni who have been instrumental in creating and disseminating new knowledge and technology. Our graduates have put their finances and careers on the line to launch new enterprises. They have risen to leadership positions in growing companies; they have played key roles in developing products and carrying out projects. They have continued their research as faculty members at universities and as scientists at research institutions. And they have found ways to apply their engineering skills in patent law, medicine and other areas. We salute them all. They have carried our University's mission to the far reaches of the globe—and even into Space. Meliora: Ever better!

They have also served in key leadership and advisory roles at the University and the Hajim School by serving on:

The Dean's Advisory Committee

The Visiting Committee

Hajim Young Leadership Council

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Distinguished Alumnus Awards

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Rochester Distinguished Scholar Award

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Profiles of Hajim School alumni

Biomedical Engineering

     Nathan Alves '07, MS '08
     Christine Bertsch '00
     Lisa Bobich '04
     Lisa Cole '10
     Jason Condon
     Jaymi Della '06
     Meredith Evans
     Kelly Kyker-Snowman '09, MS '10
     Katie Litts '10
     Alvin Lomibao '09
     Kathleen Maloney '10 (Key '11)
     Andrea Morrell '12
     Jarrod Orszulak '07, MS ECE '08
     Andrea (Pallante) Kichura '05
     Sarah Provan '05
     Nicole Ruszczak '09
     Betsy Swovick '10
     Sean Virgile '10
     Joanne Wu '02

Chemical Engineering

      Ryan Accetta '05 (T5 '06)
      Orane Barrett '98
      Maruti Bhandarkar MS '85, PhD '88
      Daniel Carson '10
      Isthier Chaudhury '11
      Samuel Frommer '07
      Evan Granite '94 PhD
      Matt Herron '02, MS '04
      Elizabeth Hill '03
      Steven Kraft MS '08
      Molly Leitch '08
      Ian Moltrup '11
      Guy Mongelli '10, MS '12
      Michael Peritz '11, MS '12
      Scott Peters '01 '02 (MS)
      Laura Posner '10
      Jeanne Visser '03
      Ben Yezer '11

Computer Science

      Macy Abbey '07
      Nate Chambers '02, MS '03
      Hilario Coimbra '08
      David Easwaran '04
      Kyle Murray '12
      Brad Orego '11
      Chris Tice '08

Electrical and Computer Engineering

      Christopher Brown '09
      Michael Fisher '87, MS '89, PhD '93
      Erica Gelb '09, MS '10
      Brandon Jasionowski '02, MS '04
      Tyler Kieft '10
      Jarrod Orszulak '07 BME, MS ECE '08
      Vincent Polino '02
      Matthew Rodano '04
      Michelle Sams '02, MS '04
      Gloria See '09
      Luis Soto '11, '12 (TEAM)
      Owen Zacharias '03, MS '04

Mechanical Engineering

      Bridget Baran '05
      Stewart Bushman '95
      Joseph Carson '76
      Ryan Cherniak '09
      Julia Cosse '08
      Laura Cressman '08
      Nick Hamlin '10
      Steven Kraft '06
      Mike Levine '10
      Matthew Roe '07, MS '08
      Galen Mitterman '02
      Jeanette Quinlan '05
      Jen Skevington '11
      Alissa Tully '08
      Jeffrey White '05


      Gretchen Bauer '10
      Loren Cerami '02
      Lee Feinberg, '87
      Daniel Gray '02, MS '03, PhD '07
      Joseph M. Howard MS '97, PhD '00
      Jason Kay '04
      Katherine Kraft '03
      Thomas Kraus '05, TK5 '06, MS '07
      Jason Porter '97, PhD '04
      Katie Schwertz '08
      Roger Smith '09
      Jay Vizgaitis '98