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Bravo Chip

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John Miller

  • Date:May 29, 2012
  • Nominated by:Robert Clark


Leading programs that improve hands on skills among UR graduates. These efforts have helped raise the bar for our engineers, allowing them to design better research equipment and build their own when necessary. These skills help streamline research, saving time and money, and they lead to more of the discoveries that help our University remain a world leader.

Benefit to the Hajim School

Being responsible for the training of a wave of engineers in addition to building the equipment that keeps the University going is a task that few people can handle. Students working in the Machine Shop have learned how to mill and lathe, but your impact on students cannot be so easily described. Machine Shop students are often among the first to get jobs out of college, routinely get prestigious internship posts, and regularly produce impressive capstone project speak to the impact you have had.

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