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Jill Morris

  • Date:September 7, 2012
  • Nominated by:John Lambropoulos


Prof. Chuang Ren had been organizing the 42nd Anomalous Absorption Conference in much of the past year. The conference, held in Key West (FL) June 24-29, has been successfully concluded. Jill Morris is to be commended for the great work that she did for this conference. It was Jill who picked the conference hotel, which received wide praise from the attendees. During the long period time when we waited for DOE approval, it was Jill who kept communication with the hotel to keep our room reservation. She did much of the preparation for the conference, including setting up accounts within the university, devising and implementing a plan to receive registration fee payment from the attendees, finding conference gifts, deciding the conference meal plan, and helping on conference room booking. She did such a great job in advance that the conference ran without a single glitch.

Benefit to the Hajim School

The University of Rochester, and particularly the Hajim School, received a lot of appreciation and good will from the conference attendees.

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