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Sarah Ansini

  • Date:July 3, 2013
  • Nominated by:Chuang Ren


As the organizing chair for the 42nd Anomalous Absorption Conference, a national conference on laser-plasma interactions. Sarah supported my work in planning the event. Sarah's work was voluntary and excellent. She helped pick the conference hotel, which received wide praise from the attendees. She did much of the preparation for the conference, including finding conference gifts, deciding the conference meal plan, assembling the conference abstract book, and helping on conference room booking.

Benefit to the Hajim School

The University of Rochester got a lot of appreciation and good will from the conference attendees. Much of this was due to the excellent work that Sarah did.

  • Date:February 22, 2013
  • Nominated by:Jonathan Ellis


Sarah spurred and coordinated upgrading my students' office space, including finding spare desks. My student office used to hold 6 student desks in a very inefficient manner, with old, bulky desks, leaving little options for expanding space. Sarah managed to find 9 smaller desks to enable all of my graduate students to sit within the same space. The idea for this was spurred last Thursday and the move was completed this Monday, which is an amazingly short turnaround time.

Benefit to the Hajim School

This now allows me to house all of my graduate students and some undergraduate students in the same student office. Many of my projects were linked between graduate students but they were sitting in separate offices in different parts of the building. This situation was not conducive to building a sense of community within my research group. With all of my students together, I believe they will be more productive and build a stronger community.

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