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Bravo Chip

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Gayle Hurlbutt

Date: July 3, 2013
Nominated by: Jeff Sullivan

Accomplishment: The URSpace team offers their sincere appreciation for the efforts Gayle Hurlbutt has afforded them in a survey over the past few months. She has been a real asset to this process and we rely heavily on the work that she performs. We also know that it isn't easy juggling a full time job and taking on an additional role making her assistance even more appreciated.

Benefit to the Hajim School: An accurate URSpace survey ensures the University is properly reporting space to federal agencies.

Date: May 2, 2013
Nominated by: Wayne Knox

Accomplishment: Organizing and planning for the Hajim School Senior Design Day.

Benefit to the Hajim School: The success of the Hajim School Senior Design event that showcases student talent and innovation.

Date: January 14, 2013
Nominated by: Richard Waugh

Accomplishment: Gayle was out for two weeks with flu-like symptoms and mild pneumonia. She tried to come back after one week, but got sicker and had to remain home. Four different grants were due, so she took her computer home and completed the necessary forms from her sick bed to get the grants in on time, submitting two of them herself from home.

Benefit to the Hajim School: The grants were submitted on time.