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Bravo Chip

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Sarah Kirchoff

  • Date:February 21, 2014
  • Nominated by:Sandra Turner


I'd like to recognize Sarah Kirchoff for her "can-do" spirit in times of immediacy. Sarah went to great lengths to create and print personalized thank you cards for Dean Clark. The task was not complicated, nor was it a large project but Sarah treated it as if it were the most important thing on her busy plate. I appreciate the meticulous way in which she attends to the needs of the Dean's Office. Bravo Sarah!

Benefit to the Hajim School

Sarah's quick response, fresh ideas, and willingness to pull projects together with little guidance is a huge benefit. I don't need to be pulled away from other day-to-day tasks and can keep current with other immediate tasks. Sarah understands how important it is to be timely and on par with joint projects; and requires little guidance.

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