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Bravo Chip

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Mike Osadciw

  • Date:June 17, 2015
  • Nominated by:Bob Marcotte


Mike Osadciw, Graphic Designer with University Creative Services, has created a series of compelling illustrations to help showcase the research done by Hajim School investigators. His most recent one (see appears on the June 2015 cover of Nature Nanotechnology, in conjunction with that journal's publication of a paper "Voltage-controlled quantum light from an atomically thin semiconductor" by Prof. Nick Vamivakas and his team.

Benefit to the Hajim School

Mike's work is invaluable in making these important projects more accessible to a broad audience, as they often appear in conjunction with news releases aimed at external readers. This helps communicate the vital role of the Hajim School, its faculty and students in performing cutting edge research -- and how research, in general, leads to the products and services that make our world ever better.

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