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Thisie Schisler-Do

  • Date:November 20, 2015
  • Nominated by:Gretchen Briscoe


Thisie is my numbers girl. I work in a world of data and Hajim strives to collect more information electronically than ever. Accurate information is required when making decisions both on the day-to-day level and long term strategies about marketing plans, recruitment efforts, enrollment and visit opportunities. Because the University of Rochester pulls the information from multiple databases, I need someone that can prepare the data accurately and efficiently. While I was required to submit a date, Thisie is always working with me to make the data accurate.

Benefit to the Hajim School

In AS&E, it is common to us similar terminology about two different numbers, enrollment and admissions acceptance. One would think that these numbers are one and the same, but they are in fact drastically different. I strive to educated everyone on the difference and still show that these numbers, while different, are also both important to watch. It is my job to show that while the terminology has many nuances, the numbers are accurate to demonstrate the differences. I am also able to confidently speak to those differences without providing incorrect information and ultimately leading to a devaluation of my mission. Increasing graduate enrollment. Thisie has gone above and beyond my need for accurate and consolidated data. She has create graphs, charts and a system that will save time in the future when trying to pull information together quickly. Often, I am asked for information one way and then quickly asked to see it from a different side/point of view. Because she has dedicated a significant amount of time to cleaning up the data, I can now trust that the information I provide will be accurate even though it may be required quickly.

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