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Bravo Chip

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Michelle Kiso

  • Date:March 3, 2016
  • Nominated by:Eileen Pullara


Michele Kiso organized her first three day event for prospective students and all events went smoothly. She got up at 4:00am on Sunday, 2/28/16 to take 2 student to the Rochester Airport because the Hilton Gardens Hotel shuttle wasn't available that early.

Benefit to the Hajim School

Michele went above and beyond her duties to be sure all the needs of these 2 students were met and these students didn't have to worry whether a cab would show up. Her actions showed how important these candidates are to Computer Science/Hajim School. One extra good deed may be remembered.

  • Date:April 6, 2016
  • Nominated by:Gretchen Briscoe


Michelle has a thirst for knowledge when it comes to doing her job well. Generally, most situations that she has come into contact with have a large iceberg of policy decisions under them that are needed to understand a seemingly simple policy point. Since her first day on campus, Michelle has quickly learned the important aspects of her job and taken on many responsibilities that serve the department best. As a prime example, our website to verify TOEFL and GRE scores was down for about a month and we were unable to access it. After repeated requests, the company was ignoring our issues because they believed it to be user error versus an actual issue logging in. Michelle was able to add to my credibility and use her own channels to stay on top of this issue. In the end, the company looked at our access and realized that it was a technical problem on their side and were able to solve it.

Benefit to the Hajim School

Without Michelle staying on top of this issue, it would not have been solved as quickly as it was. With over 300 CS applicants missing verified GRE/TOEFL in their applications the applicant pool was in a fervor of contacting anyone that could help to verify the scores. Mind you, she is the only graduate coordinator who has requested access to this database to verify scores so that she can more quickly complete the applications for the review committee. By getting access to the database again, we were able to verify test scores and the applicant's confidence in our University was restored.

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