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Bravo Chip

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Kari Brick

  • Date:May 4, 2017
  • Nominated by:Miguel Alonso


Kari's work during this graduate admissions cycle was excellent as usual. However, the one incident for which I want to nominate her regards the recruitment of a top applicant that had received an NSF Graduate Fellowship. This applicant had been accepted in many prestigious programs, as had her fiancé, but wanted to join our program. Her fiancé was a competitive applicant in another department, but had not been selected. Kari took the initiative of talking to her counterpart in that department, discussing this case, and convincing the admissions committee there to accept the student. The result is that both students will be coming to Rochester. I was very impressed by Kari's initiative and effectiveness.

Benefit to the Hajim School

We recruited a top applicant who has received an NSF Fellowship. Additionally, this applicant is female, which will help with the gender imbalance in our discipline.

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