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Biotechnology is crucial for advancing human health, achieving sustainable bioenergy resources, and establishing bio-inspired functional materials.  Chemical engineering principles serve as the key for better understanding of the biological outcomes. Faculties at our department are well-equipped for advancing this field, with strong expertise in biofuels, systems biology, genomics, biochemical engineering, advanced materials design, process control and characterization techniques.  Our interdisciplinary research in biotechnology has establish synergistic collaboration with researchers and faculties from various department (e.g. Biomedical Engineering, UR Medical Center, Chemistry, Laboratory for Laser Energetics) and institutions (e.g. Rochester Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Waseda University (Japan)).

Active Faculty / Research Areas

D. Wu:  Biofuels; Systems Biology; Genomics; Transcriptional Network; Biochemical Engineering; Fermentation; Biocatalysis; Bone Marrow Engineering; Lymphoid Tissue Engineering; Molecular Biology