Bradley Orego

pictutrBradley Orego (B.S. Computer Science, B.A. Psychology, 2010, T5 2011) is User Experience Researcher, Product Designer, Entrepreneur, and Dancer currently located in Brooklyn, NY.

He spends his days with Prolific Interactive helping design and build better products as well as dancing professionally with Kanopy Dance Company and Sokolow Theater Dance Ensemble.

Brad also participates in entrepreneurial events and hackathons, bikes, and makes and blogs about beer-batter pancakes. Brad is also a co-founder of and founder of MelioraLabs.

 “I'm moving away from freelance life and joining a company full-time. I'm pretty excited for the opportunity to work with a great team and help shape the future of user research at Prolific,” Orego says.

 Brad's advice for prospies/freshmen:

  • The true value in a Rochester education (and the Rochester curriculum) is the ability to choose your own destiny. Students that really thrive at Rochester are ones that are passionately invested in their learning and development and aren't afraid to forge their own path.
  • Get outside your comfort zone and get involved in clubs, student groups, and side projects outside of classwork. The most valuable experiences you'll gain are from these extra-curriculars, and those are what will help set you apart from other students. Rochester has the variety and diversity to get involved in anything, and if there isn't already a group for it, it's easy to start one.

His advice for current/graduating students:

  • Figure out what makes you unique and double down on that. What are your interests? Your skills? Your experiences? Find what you really love and dive headlong into it, and use the resources available to you (both at the University and the alumni network). 
  • Rochester is great at preparing students for life after college due to its flexibility. Sure, you have lecture, workshops, assignments, and projects, but nobody's holding your hand. Once you graduate, deciding your fate will the wholly up to you. Continue to engage with work, your professional community, and in hobbies/passions/interests as well.

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