Sam Butler

sam_butlerMechanical Engineering
Center for Freeform Optics
MS Student

Hopeman 403
sbutler4 [dot] ur [dot] rochester [dot] edu

Interferometry, Optical Fabrication, Precision Engineering, Fuel Cell and Liquid Metal Battery Design

Born and raised in the small suburban town of Hopedale, Massachusetts, I have returned to upstate New York, the land of my father, to pursue both my BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rochester. During my undergraduate career, I interned as part of a construction management team for a multi-million dollar Buddhist temple in 2012 and conducted research on the microstructure of solid oxide fuel cells in 2013, using parallel processing to improve algorithms used to assess interfaces, structure, and particle pathways within the materials. I enjoy teaching and acted as a teaching assistant for numerous courses as an undergraduate, a practice I am currently continuing in graduate school. I graduated in May of 2014 with my BS and am now working with Prof. Ellis and the Precision Instrumentation Group. My masters thesis work involves the design of an optical probe based on a Michelson interferometer configuration for measurement of freeform surfaces. The probe will be mounted on an OCMM platform and will measure displacement as well as tip and tilt at the measurement surface. I am focused on the electronic design and signal processing for the probe, as well as some elements of the optical design.