Xiangzhi Yu Part of Winning Team at ASPE

Xiangzhi Yu, MechE PhD student, has been part of the winning team at the ASPE Student Competition for the second time. Xiangzhi, along with teammates Andrew Duenner, Ian Ladner, Nilabh Kumar Roy, and Tsung-Fu Yao from the University of Texas at Austin won the ASPE Student Competition at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Precision Engineering. The students were tasked with building a closed loop controlled X-Y scanning system to image an area the size of a penny using MechBlocks, voice coils, capacitance sensors, and motion controllers in about 9 hours of work. Each winning student was awarded a $1,000 prize and a stainless steel MechBlock kit from MOTUS Mechanical. Congratulations Xiangzhi!

MST Paper by Xiangzhi & Steve published

Research by MechE PhD students Xiangzhi Yu and Steven Gillmer has been published by Measurement Science & Technology. Their work, Beam geometry, alignment, and wavefront aberration effects on interferometric differential wavefront sensing, shows how including these effects in DWS can enable calibration level measurements for linear stages. More information on the article can be found here.

Sam & Mike awarded 1st Place at OptiFab 2015

Congratulations to Sam Butler and Mike Ricci, MS students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, for presenting their work at the 2015 SPIE OptiFab conference in Rochester, NY. Their work with co-authors Chen Wang (UR-ECE) and Dr. Qun Wei (CIOMP and UR-Optics) entitled Homodyne displacement measuring interferometer probe for optical coordinate measuring machine with tip and tilt sensitivity was awarded 1st prize in the APOMA Outstanding Student Poster Competition, sponsored by the American Precision Optics Manufacturers Association (APOMA). More information on the award can be found here and their paper can be found here.


Gustavo and Yang have first author papers accepted

Congratulations to the PhD students Gustavo Gandara-Montano and Yang Zhao for having their work recently published.

Yang’s work is on using low coherence interferometry to measure the absolute thickness of samples with sub-micrometer accuracy. His work was published in the journal Applied Optics and the link to his article can be found here.

Gustavo, in collaboration with the Knox Lab, had his work on femtosecond micromachining of GRIN microlenses published in the journal Optical Materials Express. The link to his paper can be found here.