Principle Investigator

ellis_pJonathan D. Ellis, PhD

James P. Wilmot Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and of Optics

Affiliated Faculty:
Center for Freeform Optics
R.E. Hopkins Center for Optical Design & Engineering

Hopeman 215 (Office)
Goergen 531 (Lab)
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Instrumentation, Metrology, Optical Interferometry, Precision Engineering, Machine Design

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Mechancial Engineering and Optics at the University of Rochester. Prior to this, I studied at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands from 2007 to 2010. There, I was in the Mechatronic System Design group, headed by Professor Robert Munnig Schmidt.

I got my first taste of precision engineering during my undergraduate work at UNC Charlotte where I was studying Mechanical Engineering. There I did my Senior Design project on a An Amplification Mechanism for Rotorcraft Active Flaps where I learned about flexure design and piezo-electric actuators working with Professor Stuart Smith and his PhD student (at the time) Shane Woody. After graduating, I worked for InSituTec Incorporated, a small tech startup by Shane, Bethany Woody, and Marcin Bauza (all PhD students at UNC Charlotte). At InSituTec, I worked on PCBs for capactiance sensor demodulation boards and assisted with the design of a 2-axis high aspect ratio gage head, a prototype of InSituTec’s PreCess 2D.

I started my Master’s research in the fall of 2005, working for Professor Stuart Smith at UNC Charlotte in┬átheir Center for Precision Metrology on an instrument for nanoindentation. My research focused on decoupling the metrology loop from the force loop in nanoindentation to remove the frame stiffness dependency on nanohardness measurement. This work resulted in a Master’s Thesis, 1 journal publication, and a patent (US 7,568,381). I finished my thesis work and classes by January 2007 and moved overseas to the Netherlands to TU Delft to start my PhD in February 2007.

At TU Delft, I researched displacement interferometry for dimensional stability measurements. I was fortunate to work with Dr. Ki-Nam Joo, then a Postdoctoral Researcher from KAIST and now an Assistant Professor at Chosun University in South Korea. Ki-Nam and I worked with Professor Munnig Schmidt and Ir. Jo Spronck on a many projects, including periodic error free interferometers, high power & high frequency stability HeNe laser stabilization, refractometry, wavelength tracking & correcting interferometry, Fabry-Perot interferometry, and fiber delivered interferometry. I finished my PhD Thesis in December 3, 2010 and then moved back to the US to Rochester, NY to start my current position in July 2011.

Globally, my research interests are precision engineering, optical metrology, and instrument design. I am specifically interested in miniaturized, fiber delivered displacement interferometry, optical probing for freeform/conformal optics, multi-axis interferometry, and three-mode laser stabilization.