2016 Student Awards


Hajim School

The Charles L. Newton Prize -- recognizing engineering students who show a special proficiency in an engineering subject and have conducted research, given a presentation or published a paper -- is awarded to Andrew Stern ’16 of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Pedro Vallejo-Ramirez ’16 of Optical Engineering.

The Donald M. Barnard Prize -- awarded to junior or senior engineering students on the basis of personal qualification and achievement -- goes to Jiashi "Maggie" Han ’16 of Optical Engineering, Robert Harding ’16 of Chemical Engineering, Marlen Mahendraratnam ’16 of Biomedical Engineering, Kiara Osolinsky ’16 of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Alan Shramuk ’16 of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rabi Shrestha ’16 of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Allison Stiller ’16 of Biomedical Engineering, and Sean Wang ’16 of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The Richard Eisenberg Engineering Award -- which recognizes hard-working undergraduates with an interest in metallurgy -- is presented to Yatong Ge ’16 of Chemical Engineering.

The Robert L. Wells Prize -- presented to senior engineering students for demonstrated competence in both engineering and the humanities, based on the highest-ranking seniors in the Hajim School as of the fall of their senior year -- is awarded to Jonathan Boualavong ’16 (T5 ’17) of Biomedical Engineering, Madeleine Laitz ’16 of Chemical Engineering and Frank White ’17 of Audio and Music Engineering.

The Tau Beta Pi Prize -- for Tau Beta Pi seniors who, through academic achievement, proven leadership and sterling character, have excelled and inspired fellow students -- is awarded to Daniel Mangino ’16 of Mechanical Engineering and Steven Tau ’16 of Chemical Engineering.

The G. Harold Hook Prize -- presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding interest in engineering -- is awarded to Sean Reid ’16 of Optical Engineering. In addition to demonstrating academic excellence, Sean has been involved in several engineering activities, including National Robotics Competitions, project assistant at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, and an internship with Optics 1.

Biomedical Engineering

Faculty Award for Excllence in Undergraduate Research: Mary Bucklin

Faculty Award for Teaching Assistant: Jonathan Boualavong

Faculty Award for Undergraduate Service: Justin Delafontaine

Outstanding Senior: Justin Delafontaine

Chemical Engineeering

The Shelby A. Miller Prize: Branden Cole, Ross Dodson, Elizabeth Hotvedt, Madeleine Laitz, Stephen Phillips.
(Given to the seniors who submitted the best process design project.)

Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence Award: DominickSalerno
(For the junior who compiled the highest scholastic average in the first two years of study.)

Albert K. Ackoff Award: Dominick Salerno
(For the third year student, based on grades through the fall the junior year.)

The American Chemical Society Chemistry Achievement Award: Steven Tau.
(For the senior with an outstanding academic record who has done excellent work on a research project or independent study in applied chemistry.)


Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant:  Rebecca Everson
(Given to a student who has provided outstanding support to professors as a teaching assistant, workshop leader and/or super leader during his or her undergraduate career.)

Excellence in Undergraduate Research:  Mitchell Gordon
(Given to a student who has worked with an advisor on significant research, received awards or presented at conferences, or been published as a result of his or her work.)

 Entrepreneurship Award:  Morgan Sinko
(Given to a student who has embodied the entrepreneurial spirit by creating a computing product or service and pursued its commercial development.)

 UR Women in Computing Leadership Award:  Tergel Purevdorj
(Given to a woman who has made a significant contribution to leadership, to the design of programs and activities that build a stronger community in CSC, and to a level of service and a creative enthusiasm for UR WiC.)

 Outstanding Senior:  Dan Hassin
(Given to a student who has made outstanding contributions to the Department and its undergraduate program in academics, research, and student leadership, and who has gained the respect and appreciation of the Department community.)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty Prize: Chase Conklin, Gary Ge, Jeremy Hassett, Shurouq Hijazi.

Mechanical Engineering

Emil L. Kuichling Award: Wendy Snyder, So Han Florence Yip
(To the junior who has shown the greatest proficiency in mechanics.)

Helmut Weymann Prize: Nicholas Pegoli
(For outstanding insight, ingenuity and skill in engineering experimentation.)

Outstanding Senior Award: Bradley Kaufman
(Recognizes the graduating senior with outstanding aptitude and ability in all aspects of engineering.)

Teaching Service Award: Michael Lotosky, Aaron Sadholz
(For outstanding contributions to instruction in the department during this academic year.)

Rochester Section, American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Tianyi Liu, Benjamin Parkinson
(For academic excellence and outstanding contributions to the student section of ASME.)


H.D. Polster Prize: Alexander Anderson
(Awarded to a senior who has demonstrated through academic performance or a special project, unusual ability in the field of optics.)

Faculty Prize: Julia Kent, Lindsey Wallstatter
(Awarded to a senior who best exemplifies the ideals of character, scholarship, and service.)

Fujimara Prize: Kameron Tinkham
(Awarded to a sophomore who represents The Institute’s values of academic excellence, research, and campus citizenship.)

Britton Award: Max Bruggeman
(Awarded to a freshman who has excelled academically and, through his or her actions, demonstrates a keen interest in Optics.)

Sommargren Research Award: Zirui Zang
(Awarded to a deserving undergraduate studying the field of optics.)