E-social photo gallery

fire in the hole

"Fire in the hole," hollers MechE senior Jordan Brooks of the Robotics Club as Edward Ruppel of the Solar Splash team looks on . .


. . . and Brooks then sends a practice launch over Wilson Quad with the club's air cannon. (Photo by J. Adam Fenster/University of Rochester)


This trebuchet was entered by the AICHE team. (Photo by J. Adam Fenster/University of Rochester)


The ghoulishly adorned distance markers -- and the costumes worn by participants and onlookers alike -- helped punctuate the Halloween theme. In costume from left to right: Shannon Fitch, a BME sophomore; Marisa Caiola, a sophomore in psychology and Spanish; and William Green, a MechE junior. Fitch said the e-social was an opportunity to "watch the cannons and show off our costumes."


Kian Jones, at left, a Computer Science sophomore; Matthew Baker, a BME senior seen between the tubes; and Gary Ge, an ECE junior, man the pumps for the Robotics Club team.


Noah Woolfolk '16 and Ben Parkinson '16 of the ASME team carefully load a pumpkin on their trebuchet . . .


. . . then celebrate a successful launch. (Photo by J. Adam Fenster/University of Rochester)

fire away

Members of the AICHE team and their ChemE supporters watch expectantly as they take their turn.

maybe next time

The faces say it all: Better luck next time!


And the winners of the top award for accuracy are the members of the Solar Splash team, from left to right: Matt Dombroski (ECE '17), Marjorie Ann Cuerdo (ECE '17), Devanjith Fonseka (MechE '17), Minsoo Lee (ECE '16), Jake Krapf (BME '18), Edward Ruppel (BME '17), Graham Jones (ECE '17), and Kelly Chang (MechE '17).


Adalberto Perez, a MechE senior who assisted MechE department chair Professor John Lambropoulos and MechE Associate Professor Christopher Muir with the official distance measurements, carries off one of a multitude of pumpkin carcasses that littered the Wilson Quad after practice shots and four rounds of competition.


In the meantime, back in Rettner Hall . . .


. . . pizza was being consumed at a prodigious rate . . .


. . . and more hapless pumpkins were being carved in very imaginative ways . . .

bme carvers

. . . with BME sophomores Claire Kaiser, Janet Sorrells and Marina May each receiving educational solar robot kits for best design.