Weekly Memo

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

Welcome back! And for all of the freshmen, first-year graduate students, and new professors, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Hajim School. This memo is something that I transmit on a weekly basis to let you know what’s going on around campus. I include everything from professional and personal accomplishments of our faculty, students, and staff, to opportunities for internships and volunteerism, to upcoming events and information about current topics in engineering. I’m lucky to experience many of these things first hand, but I can’t be everywhere all the time, so please don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have news or events to share.

I have some good news to start off the year. We recently heard that all four of the programs for which we applied for accreditation – chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and electrical and computer engineering – received the maximum, unconditional 6-year accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). This is not surprising considering the quality of our programs – none of them have ever failed to earn accreditation – but it is a nice accolade nonetheless and merits thanking the many faculty and staff that engaged in the extensive and comprehensive effort required to document and assess our educational programs.

Speaking of programs, this year will be the first year in which we offer a brand new doctoral program focused on solar energy. Directed by Philippe Fauchet, the program will encourage scientists to branch out and learn about the broader political, business, and social issues that impact solar energy implementation in addition to their technical research. I’m looking forward to the achievements that the students in this program will make during their time here, and also after they graduate.

And last, if anyone is looking for something fun to do this weekend, the Clothesline Festival is coming up on September 11 and 12 at the Memorial Art Gallery downtown. It’s always a good place to see and shop for high-quality arts and crafts, but this year, for the first time, the Hajim School has a booth at the event where we will be showcasing engineering art. It will be on the front lawn right at the intersection of Goodman St. and University Ave., so come on by, say hi, mingle, and check out some of the interesting artwork submitted by your peers. Director of The Institute of Optics Wayne Knox, aka Kimo, will also be there, performing original and traditional Hawaiian music and dance with his wife Ka'iulani. Here’s a link to the Clothesline website, if you want more information.

Let’s make it a great year!


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean