Weekly Memo

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

I’m proud to call your attention to an article in the latest Physics in Medicine and Biology, written by electrical and computer engineering professors Kevin Parker, Marvin Doyley, and imaging science professor Deborah Rubens. The article traces 20 years of translational science research at Rochester, from the very first elastographic images created in the late 1980s, to what is now a multifaceted and global field of healthcare research. Elastographic imaging reveals abnormalities in soft tissue that traditional x-rays cannot show, resulting in earlier diagnoses of conditions including breast cancer, prostate cancer, and cirrhosis of the liver. The article is not only the history of a relatively new field, but also a narrative of life-saving innovation that began here at Rochester. The abstract and paper are available here.  

As many of you know, we had the pleasure of hosting Deputy Director of ARPA-E Eric Toone, who met with several of you and spoke about alternative energy on campus, last Thursday. His public talk was engaging and full of interesting possibilities for technologies that would change our energy future. Toone’s visit was featured on WXXI on Friday morning. You can listen to the clip here.

Our local chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChe) is having an informal pizza dinner to provide interested freshmen with an opportunity to meet chemical engineering professors and students in a fun and casual setting. The dinner will be held on Wednesday, January 19 at 5:00pm in Gavett 202. Please contact Jennifer Condit at jennifer.condit@rochester.edu with any questions.

In the spirit of providing professional updates on Hajim School Faculty, of which I am one, I’m honored to have been elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).  I’ll be inducted at the AAAS annual meeting in Washington, DC in February, and I’ll be sure to share details of the trip when I return.

I’d like to close by asking you all to join me in welcoming this semester’s new Hajim School students. Dan Hallimen joins mechanical engineering, George Shebert joins chemical engineering, and Ka Meng "Laymond" Lei and Ka In "Rocky" Wong join us for the semester from Macau University, China. Welcome!

Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean