Weekly Memo

Dear Hajim School Community,

I am pleased to announce that effective July 1, Wayne Knox will formally assume the role of Associate Dean for Education and New Initiatives. As you know, Wayne has served for 10 years as Director of The Institute of Optics, and the Hajim School will benefit greatly from his experience in that leadership role and the energy and enthusiasm that he brings. With the upcoming capital campaign and the new programmatic plans for the Hajim School consistent with our Strategic Plan, there will be no shortage of work, and I look forward to the many opportunities that we will address together.

Also, effective July 1, Gary Wicks will serve as interim director of The Institute of Optics, until our search for a new director is completed. Gary has served as Associate Director of the Institute for more than a decade and brings great wisdom and knowledge to this role with the enthusiastic support of his faculty. I am greatly appreciative of Gary's willingness to serve in this capacity.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge Tom Hsiang's many years of service as Associate Dean for Education. Tom informed me earlier this year that he would like to return to the faculty, and after years of leadership, including the recent successful accreditation of ALL of our ABET undergraduate engineering programs, he can do so with great pride. Tom has been a pioneer of the GEAR program, which serves to attract undergraduates to engineering here at Rochester. He has led the Forbes Competition, worked with our faculty in recent years to invigorate our freshman engineering experience, and will lead our inaugural year of "Design Days" which highlights the accomplishments of our seniors across the Hajim School in their capstone experiences. I am eternally grateful to Tom for making my transition to the University of Rochester seamless and the support that he has given to this office. I could not have asked for a better colleague in beginning my term of service here as dean.

I am pleased to have the privilege of working with such dedicated faculty in these important capacities. Please join me in congratulating each of them.


Rob Clark