Weekly Memo

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! Here, the campus is still abuzz, especially with news from across the Hajim School.

The DOE announced $15 million in funding to accelerate the development of next generation lighting with $1.2 million dedicated to the University of Rochester. Professor Lewis Rothberg and Professor Ching Tang, a pioneer of organic light emitting diodes (OLED), received the grant and are charged with advancing OLED technology. Their work will expand upon OLED development processes, improving scientific knowledge, and providing performance data for these technologies.

I would also like to extend my congratulations to several students whose accomplishments continue to reflect well on the Hajim School.

Chemical engineering Ph.D. candidate Sayeda Yasmin-Karim recently received a Department of Defense Prostrate Cancer Research Program Training Award. The project will concentrate on the use of a novel device to study aggressiveness in prostate cancer growth. These awards support doctoral candidates for three years with strong qualifications and a commitment to pursuing a career as a prostate cancer researcher or clinician.

Himanshu Shekhar, a Ph.D. candidate, recently presented at the 161st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America held in Seattle, Washington, May 23-27, 2011.  His paper titled "A Coded Excitation Technique for the Functional Imaging of Coronary Atherosclerosis Using Ultrasound Contrast Agents" received the second prize for Best Student Paper in Biomedical Acoustics! The paper focuses on the prediction of the risk of acute cerebrovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes.

I am also pleased to announce that UR rising senior and CS/Math/Linguistics major, Halley Orshan has been selected to receive an Astronaut Foundation Scholarship for next year.  It is $10,000 per year, merit-based, and aimed at students with demonstrated passion and ability in science, technology, and innovation.  

In addition, I am proud to announce that the Mechanical Engineering SAE Baja team participated in an international competition May 26-29 in Pittsburg, Kansas and placed 32nd out of 100, and June 8-11 in Peoria, Illinois and placed 19th out of 115. The Mechanical Engineering Solar Splash team also competed in an international competition in Cedar Falls, Iowa on June 8-12 with a solar-powered boat that they constructed. They placed in the top 12 and finished third in the visual display category. Congratulations to both teams!

While I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer, I look forward to seeing many of you in the fall. 


Robert L. Clark

Professor and Dean