Weekly Memo

Hajim Faculty and Staff,

I am emailing to inform you that Anne Dickinson has accepted a new position as Senior Administrator for the Department of Neurology.  This position represents a significant opportunity for Anne as she will be responsible for administrative oversight of a multidisciplinary enterprise consisting of 15 divisions, including clinical and research with 90 academic faculty and 250 staff positions.

During Anne's term of service in Hajim, she has worked to:

·      Identify external funding opportunities to broadly disseminate to HSEAS faculty;

·      Serve as a one on one resource to HSEAS faculty for proposal development and submission;

·      Support faculty on interdepartmental and intercollegiate proposal submissions;

·      Serve as a school resource for new investigators for the first time application process, career proposals and young investigator proposals;

·      Provide assistance for faculty working on complex, highly competitive, multi-institutional, large proposal process and submission;

·      Support department administrators for the proposal development and submission process and general questions regarding proposal grant management.

Anne will be greatly missed, both personally and professionally.  I am working on distribution of a position description through HR to seek another outstanding staff member to serve in this critical role.


Robert L. Clark

Professor and Dean

Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

309 Lattimore Hall

P.O. Box 270076

Rochester, NY  14627-0076