Weekly Memo

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

I open this week’s address by wishing everyone a very happy Fourth of July holiday. I hope you have the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, and to savor the summer weather.

While some things slow down a bit this time of year, recognition for our faculty continues rolling in at a steady pace. Professor Govind Agrawal of The Institute of Optics will receive the IEEE Photonics Society’s prestigious Quantum Electronics Award during the group’s annual conference this September in San Francisco. This honor is given yearly to an individual for outstanding technical contributions to quantum electronics, in fundamentals, applications, or both. Prof. Agrawal will receive a $4,000 honorarium, a certificate, and a bronze medal. Let us all offer him our heartfelt congratulations.

Meanwhile, last month, the Hajim School was a prominent presence at the Optical Fabrication & Testing meeting, offered in Monterey, Calif., by the Optical Society of America (OSA). Event organizers included Stephen Jacobs, professor of Optics and of Chemical Engineering, and Jannick Roland, the Brian J. Thompson Professor of Optical Engineering and Director of the Robert E. Hopkins Center at The Institute of Optics. About 350 OSA members attended the gathering, during which another one of our own, Kyle Fuerschbach, won the first-place Best Student Paper Award with his presentation, “Interferometric Null Configurations for Measuring φ-polynomial Surfaces.” Prof. Roland was a co-author, and Johan Thivollet, an intern with us from France, served for 6 months as a lab assistant to his fellow graduate student.

Also doing us proud in Monterey was Professor Jonathan D. Ellis, a joint faculty member in Mechanical Engineering and at The Institute of Optics. He attended OSA’s Applied Industrial Optics: Spectroscopy, Imaging, & Metrology meeting, where he presented the results of his recent work with OptiPro Systems, a manufacturer of optical-fabrication equipment in nearby Ontario, N.Y. Assisting his research were then-undergrads Philip Katz, Jakob Maag-Tanchak, Timothy Lynch, and Alexander Magill, all members of our class of 2012. Their published paper will help companies better understand the fundamental mechanics of wear, as well as material-removal rates during belt polishing, a crucial component of the manufacturing process in the optics industry. Well done.

Since we’re on the topic of industry connections, I’d now like to share some recruitment news. Staff from University Advancement and the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center met last month to discuss ways in which we can enhance outreach to alumni and corporations in hopes of expanding our students’ employment opportunities. This is the latest effort in what we call the “Full Spectrum” approach to growing the Hajim School experience. If you have relationships with a company that might consider hiring or providing internships for Hajim School students, please take a moment to review our 
new recruitment flyer and make contact with the folks listed. As one member of my Dean’s Advisory Committee so aptly put it, “Every May we have hundreds of students graduating with various degrees, representing millions of dollars of knowledge. For those not going on to graduate school, it’s incumbent upon us to assist them in their career search.” The flyer also highlights the programs, career fairs, internships, funding opportunities, and resources available to our students and young alumni. I encourage everyone to check it out.

My weekly email will take a brief hiatus for the holiday and return July 16. Until then, enjoy your continued success.

Rob Clark
Professor and Dean