Weekly Memo

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

With Labor Day behind us, and the summer season nearing its official end, the time has come to get serious about this young school year. Therefore, I hope you find motivation among the names and notes featured in this week's memo.

Let's look first to Duncan Moore, who was recognized last week for his outstanding record of research, teaching, and leadership, with the Hajim School's 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Moore is the Rudolf and Hilda Kingslake Professor of Optical Engineering and a Professor of Biomedical Engineering, a Professor of Business Administration at the Simon School, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. In 2006, he was also appointed Director for Entrepreneurship at the University, and in 2007, he became the Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship. Prior to this, from 1995 until the end of 1997, he served as Dean of Engineering and Applied Sciences. In the fall of 1997, the U.S. Senate confirmed him Associate Director for Technology in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. His accomplishments far exceed what I'm able to list here, and I doubt last week’s award was his last. So I'll simply say, thank you, Duncan!

Also distinguished during our annual reception last week was outstanding staff member John Miller. A longtime Hajim School machinist, John is an integral part of our effort to provide core services to the departments for research and education and a critical participant in the effort to extend hands-on experiences to our undergraduates. John's efforts to support programs such as the Baja SAE design/build competition and the Solar Splash design/build competition are nothing short of spectacular. He always finds extra time for the students and accompanies them to their competitions. Baja SAE President Phil Katz, says it best: "It would take multiple people to get through the work that John does every day; he is truly irreplaceable. John has come in on weekends to help students finish design projects, driven across the country to watch his students' races, literally taught students how to climb mountains, and manages to run a tight machine shop at the same time." Thank you, John!

Thirdly, Cathy Adams, currently our Business Manager for the Center for Emerging & Innovative Sciences, was singled out last week for 20 years of service to the University. Thank you, Cathy!

Indeed, internal accolades always offer occasions to celebrate. But with third-party admiration also comes the sweet reward of validation, adding objective heft to the caliber of our work. And just this week, we received word of such "outside" recognition, this time of papers penned by Professors Govind Agrawal, Robert Boyd, and Emil Wolf, all of The Institute of Optics. Google Scholar, at which users may search for scholarly literature across a variety of disciplines and sources, recently named its 12 most-cited books about physics. Remarkably, one-quarter of them are the work of the aforementioned Hajim School faculty. Congratulations to all three, and thank you for making us proud, once again!

Now I'd like to motivate our students to accept a call to action from the Office of Admissions. Hajim School tours provide prospective engineering students an inside look at life inside the classroom and beyond. And who is better qualified to share this experience than you, the students? Since the tours are tailored to highlight the academic departments' respective characteristics, Admissions is looking for student-representatives from all of the majors. If you're interested in serving as a Hajim School tour guide, pick up an application from Admissions, located in Wallis Hall, or contact Michael Shea at michael.shea@rochester.edu.

And finally, remember: Don't be shy about sharing content for the weekly memos. These are nothing without your news!

Rob Clark
Professor and Dean