Weekly Memo

May 6, 2013

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

Thanks to all the seniors and faculty members who turned our annual Senior Design Day into yet another successful event this past Thursday. A lot of hard work went into these projects, and they truly exemplify what the Hajim School is all about: Training students to take what they've learned in the classroom and lab to tackle the challenges of the real world. There were a lot of great projects on display and, best of all, Goergen Hall was alive with a lot of positive, creative energy. I'm proud of everyone who was involved. Click here for more coverage.

The University of Rochester is highlighted this month by the U.S. Department of Energy at its .EDUconnections website for helping to advance DOE's research programs. I encourage you to take a look by clicking here. The Laboratory for Laser Energetics gets prominent play, but you can also link to our new University research web page, our recent Big Data publication, and our own Hajim research page.

In case you missed it, also take a look at a recent Campus Times article on the benefits of study abroad. And yes, study abroad is something that even engineering students can fit into their busy schedules! That was certainly the case for engineering seniors Spencer Kingsbury (ChemE) and Joy Jiang (MechE), who describe in the article the benefits of their study abroad experiences in New Zealand and Israel.

Congratulations to Kathleen Adelsberger, one of Jim Zavislan's Ph.D. students in optics, who is a member of the Rochester Edge women's hockey team that recently won the USA Hockey National Championship at the women's Senior C Level. Amanda Forbes, a UR biology undergrad, was also a member of the team. I am constantly impressed by the diverse skills of our Hajim students. Kathleen, you may recall, was awarded a National Physical Science Consortium fellowship last year to support her research in optical design for wavefront coded imaging systems.

Here's a job tip: The City of New York has entry-level openings for electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers. The application deadline is May 21; click here to apply.

We're at the the end of another school year, and I hope it has been a productive one for all of you. Good luck with finals! Keep me updated. Commencement is just around the corner!


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean