Weekly Memo

May 3, 2013

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

We are just eight days away from reporting the dollars raised by the University to the United Way campaign, and I am truly proud of the way the faculty and staff of the Hajim School have responded. Our participation increased from 31% last week to 61% this week. (The Laboratory for Laser Energetics, by the way, is at 76%) The University is at 94 percent of its goal, and I thank all of you who have already made your commitment! I would like to urge those of you who have not yet made a contribution to please consider doing so. As I mentioned in a previous memo, we all have different philanthropic priorities. However, it is possible to direct funds through United Way if you have a particular focus area such as Foodlink or Habitat for Humanity. Giving is not a requirement, but it is significant for our community, and with the recent demise of other economic engines, UR is seen as critical to the campaign. Let's see if all of Hajim can match that 76 percent participation rate at LLE, or even surpass it! To learn more, click here


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean