Weekly Memo

May 20, 2013

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

     Once again, hearty congratulations to our Hajim School graduates who received diplomas this past weekend. We're proud of what you've achieved, and wish you all the best as you embark on careers, further study or other pursuits.

   Speaking of what our students have achieved, I'm pleased to see that TEAM students finished first and second in this year’s Mark Ain Business Model Competition. (TEAM --  the Technical Entrepreneurship and Management Master of Science program -- is offered jointly by the Simon and Hajim schools and is administered by the University of Rochester Center for Entrepreneurship. It is designed for students with an engineering, science, or mathematics undergraduate degree, who wish to pursue a master’s level technical education in combination with business and leadership courses.)
      First place in the Ain competition, worth $10,000, went to Health Care Originals -- Sharon Samjitsingh ’13 (MS), Prinson Dsouza ’13 (MS), Ran Gao ’13 (MS), and ChenChen Qu ’13 (MS) -- for developing a patent-pending app to keep track of asthma attacks and upload daily data for review.
      Second place, worth $2,500, went to SMP MicroStamps -- Megan DeWitt ’13 (MS), Andrew Durney ’16 (PhD), William Finnie ’13 (MS), and Kwaku Owusu ’14S (MBA) -- for an integrated platform for micro-contact printing applications with a stamp material with highly tunable surface properties.
     Third place, worth $1,000, went to Ovitz, a team that originated in the lab of Geunyoung Yoon, associate professor of opthalmology, optics, biomedical engineering, and the Center for Visual Science. The team, including Joung Yoon “Felix” Kim ’14, an optical engineering major,  Gyeonghun Lee ’13S (MS), and Hyieop Lim ’13S (MS), produced a hand-held eye diagnosis device that is smaller, cheaper and more accurate than preexisting devices.

     Kudos to a couple of our faculty members for sharing their expertise.

     Alexander Shestopalov, assistant professor of chemical engineering, is speaking at the Nanomaterials Symposium 2013 today at Sloan Auditorium. The theme of the symposium is innovations in materials science and engineering to advance catalytic applications in the synthesis of sustainable chemical fuels. Alex will talk on  "Stable and functional hybrid interfaces via bilayered molecular systems."

     Thomas Brown, professor of optics, recently spent a week touring three universities in Pakistan. He gave the keynote address at a session on trends in optical engineering at NED University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi, where the dean of Electrical and Computer Engineering is Shoaib Zaidi, '90 (Optics). Tom lectured on "The invisible world of light" at Forman Christian College in Lahore, and on "Curiosities of Inhomogeneously Polarized Optical Fields" at Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad where the faculty members, Tom says, "view Emil Wolf as their intellectual grandfather because of his influence on their own research." Tom also spent time talking to graduate students who might be interested in coming here. Thanks, Tom, for being an ambassador for the Hajim School!

      Congratulations to Richard (Rick) Waugh, chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, on his appointment to the newly created position of associate vice president for research. Rick will be working closely with me as I carry out my duties as senior vice president for research, by helping to identify specific research goals, bring together faculty members from different departments, build a stronger research community on campus and foster relations with the corporate sector. Rick has had long experience collaborating with researchers on both the River Campus and at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, and I'm grateful for his help. Click here to read more.

     The end of the school year means we're also nearing the end of our fiscal year. We deeply appreciate the financial support we've received from Hajim alumni and friends -- support that helps ensure the best possible education for our students. To learn more about opportunities for your engagement please click here.

     Students, recent grads, keep me posted on what you're up to this summer, whether you're interning here or abroad, starting a career -- whatever.  Above all, enjoy the summer. You've earned it!


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean