Weekly Memo

July 1, 2013

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

    Here's exciting news: Six students have just embarked on our innovative master's degree program through the new Center for Medical Technology and Innovation. Another student will start in January, and another part-time student will be participating as well. These students will spend two months working side by side with doctors and other health care practitioners in actual clinical settings, such as operating rooms. They'll visit regional biomedical companies to learn from industry insiders. They'll split into teams to develop prototype medical devices -- based on the realities they've seen in the clinical settings, and the realities of getting a good idea to the marketplace. And when they graduate, they'll be ready to hit the ground running in the biomedical device industry. Thanks to Greg Gdowski, executive director; Amy Lerner, academic director, and Ankur Chandra, clinical director, for putting together a program that exemplifies the finest in interdisciplinary study and collaboration with industry.

     And here's another example of the commendable outreach that's been taking place recently at The Institute of Optics: Last week 15 students (Class of '14) and three teachers from West Irondequoit High School participated in Photon Camp, a five-day opportunity for the students to learn about optics and optical engineering through a mix of lectures, visits to labs and field trips to places like Optimax, Photon Gear and the Laboratory for Laser Energetics. Based on this blog by one of the students, it certainly appears to have been a success! Once again, this was real team effort. Thanks to Daniel Smith, the Institute's undergraduate program director, for organizing this, Jim Zavislan for working tirelessly to set up the labs, and to Daniel, Jim, Julie Bentley, Thomas Brown, Stephen Jacobs, Andrew Berger, Wayne Knox, and Per Adamson of the Institute faculty and staff who helped with the presentations. Special thanks as well to Optics students Hillary Maben, Natalie Pastuszka, Pedro Vallejo-Ramirez, Kara Lambson, and Chris Marsh who each coached and mentored a team of three students.

     As always, keep me updated. And happy July 4th to all of you!


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean