Weekly Memo

July 22, 2013

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

     Several Hajim School PhD candidates will leave for Ghana this week as part of the IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship) program. Funded by the NSF, this five-year program is designed to train future leaders in science and engineering, particularly in renewable energy. Rebecca Berman (Optics) and Lenore Kubie (Chemistry), who participated in a similar trip last summer, have volunteered to help lead this one. IGERT fellows participating: Joseph Choi (Optics), Tyler DuBeshter (Chemical Engineering), Stephen Head (Optics), Chanse Hungerford (Optics), Amanda Preske (Chemistry), and Ryan Severins (Chemical Engineering). We wish them all the best as they network with counterparts at two universities, show high school students how to build solar powered cell phone chargers, and provide hands-on lessons in optics to younger students.

   Congratulations to David Meyerhofer, deputy director, Experimental Division director, and associate director for science at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics; professor of Mechanical Engineering and Physics & Astronomy; and a co-principal investigator of the Fusion Science Center, for being selected to receive the 2013 Leadership Award from the Fusion Power Associates Board of Directors in recognition of his many scientific contributions and the managerial leadership he has provided to national and international research efforts on inertial confinement fusion and high energy density plasma physics. The award particularly notes his leadership of cryogenic direct drive experiments at the OMEGA laser facility and his participation in National Academy of Science and Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee reviews of inertial fusion.

As always, keep me updated and have a great week.


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean