Weekly Memo

Aug. 5, 2013

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

    One of our goals at the Hajim School is to increase our students' participation rate in study abroad. To help achieve that, we've created new pages at our website that explain why study abroad is important, and why it is no longer difficult for engineering students, in particular, to fit study abroad into their schedules. We've included study abroad destinations with engineering courses that satisfy degree requirements here, testimonials from Hajim students who've benefited from study abroad, links to faculty members in each department who can advise students, and information about Gilman Scholarships. Have a look!

   Congratulations to 29 of our undergraduates who participated in this year's David T. Kearns Center Research Symposium, either as McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program Scholars or as Hajim School Xerox Engineering Fellows. These students spent June and July conducting research for 40+ hours a week under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The goal is to encourage these students to continue on with their research as graduate students. The students are Russell Adams '14 BME, Louisa Bauer '14 BME, Shengtong Chen '15 Optics, John Cormack '14 ME, Joseph Cosentino '14 Optics, Elias Flowers '15 ChemE, Jennifer Godzicki '14 CS, Asia Ingram '14 BME, Hyun Jin Kim '14 BME, Felix Kim '14 Optics, Andrea Lee '14 BME, Nelson Lee '14 ME (McNair), Tianyu Li '14 Optics, Sara Lickers '14 CS (McNair), Jose Martinez '15 ME (McNair), Gregory Pennamon '14 ChemE, Adalberto Perez-Reyes '15 ME, Qihui Pu '14 BME, Sidney Royal '15 ChemE,  Eddie Samuels '15 ECE, Vincent Sayseng '14 BME, Jonathan Tran '14 BME, Jacob VanderBurgh '14 BME, Chelsea Vargas '15 ECE, Le Wang '14 BME, Max Winkelman '14 BME, Ebna Zabir '15 ME (McNair), Ioannis Zampetakis '14 BME, and Stacie Zwolski '15 BME,

   Lisa Norwood, our assistant dean for undergraduate studies, staunchly defended the need for women engineers in a July 26 Rochester Business Journal article examining why "Women study engineering but don't always pick the career." "Women are much more inclusive workers," Norwood noted. That's a key attribute in a field where teamwork is so important. She also put in a plug for our elective course that helps students develop professional communications skills.

    Last, but certainly not least, here's a chance for our students to weigh in on this year's selections of gifts we give out to them at special events during the school year. Go to our Facebook page to pick your top three choices. Not to influence the voting, of course, but I wouldn't mind having one of those C-Pen scanners!

As always, keep me updated and have a great week.


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean