Weekly Memo

Nov. 18, 2013

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

       We have two teams competing as finalists in the Cornell Cup this year. The engineering competition, sponsored by Intel, involves embedded computation, and culminates in a two-day "summit event" at Disney World next spring, where winners will be announced.
     The URead Braille team, which received an honorable mention last year, has been invited back with its project to create a refreshable braille display that would act as a web page for the blind. Team members are Christina Kayastha '14 (ECE/CS); Samantha Piccone '14 (CS/Math); Douglas Miller '15 (CS/Math); Joel Howard '16 (Phy), Nicholas Gekakis '16 (ECE), and Tianyi Liu '16 (ME).
       The Haptech team will employ Haptic tactile feedback technology to create a virtual environment that a user can interact with. Team members are: Morgan Sinko '16 (Systems Engineering), Lucian Copeland '15 (ECE), Casey Waldren '17 (CS), Gary Ge '16 (ECE), and Alexander Matthers '15 (BME).
       Best wishes to both teams, and a special thanks to team advisors Ted Pawlicki, Undergraduate Program Director in Computer Science, and Randal Nelson, Associate Professor of Computer Science.
    We often heard in the past that engineering students simply didn't have room in their schedules for study abroad. Well, here's another example of why that is no longer the case. The CIEE program in Gaborone, Botswana, is specially tailored for second-semester MechE sophomores. Three classes offered there have been pre-approved as equivalent to ones that would be taken here, so students can participate without falling behind. It's not too early for freshmen MechE students to start thinking about this. You can read more at our Hajim School study abroad website.

    Here's a scholarship opportunity that Hajim School students might want to check out. Those who will have completed their third year of a four-year program, or fourth year of a five-year program by June 2014 are eligible to apply for $2,500 and $5,000 awards from the American Council of Engineering Companies of New York. Scholarships are open to students in mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, environmental, and chemical engineering and in  engineering technology or surveying. Deadline to apply is Dec. 20. Click here to learn more.

     I always appreciate the chance to talk with students. So whenever possible I'll be scheduling open hours when students can drop by my office at 308 Lattimore, starting 8:30-9 a.m. this Friday. Got something on your mind? Drop by and let me know about it!
     As always, keep me updated and have a great week.


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean