Weekly Memo

July 21, 2014

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

    Hajim School faculty and students were well represented at these recent conferences:

     Associate Professor Amy Lerner, participating in the World Congress of Biomechanics in Boston, wrote "it has been incredibly rewarding to see how the University of Rochester and our alumni have contributed to research in Biomechanics! Our research spans from clinical gait analysis to cell protein biomechanics. Alumni from our programs were here representing universities from around the world and companies and government labs within the U.S."  Those on the program or attending also included faculty members Stephen McAleavey, Rick Waugh, Marvin Doyley, Kevin Parker, Mark Buckley and Paul Funkenbusch. Current students and post-docs included Molly Zapkin, Louis Delgadillo, Ruth Chimenti, Jonathan Langdon, Graham Marsh, and Frank DiLiberti. And alumni included Ben Freedman (U Penn), Andrea Morrell (Columbia), Jiang Yao  (Dassault Systems), Nick Vavalle (Virginia Tech), Nicole Varble (U Buffalo), Hanna Isaksson (Lund University), Sijia Zhang (U Penn), Sally (Jensen) Crawford  (Noraxon), Woojin Han (U Penn),  Meghan O’Donovan (Natick Labs), Emily Robbins (Brown University), Allison Altman (U Penn), Caitlin O’Connell (U Pitt), and Daniel Shedd (U Utah).

   The Gordon Research Conference on Image Science last month at Stonehill College in Easton, Mass., benefited from the expertise of several of our Institute of Optics faculty and students.  Prof. Jim Fienup gave a talk on "Imaging by Phase Retrieval"; graduate student Zack DeSantis gave a poster (co-authored with Prof. Fienup) on "Methods for Interferometric Support Estimation and Image Reconstruction"; graduate student Jinxin Huang gave a poster (co-authored with Qun Yuan, Eric Clarkson, Matthew Kupinski, and Prof. Jannick P. Rolland) on "Application of Task-based Assessment in Optical Coherence Tomography for Tear Film Thickness Estimation"; postdoctoral research associate Patrice Tankham gave a poster (co-authored with Jungeun Won, Ying-Ju Chu, Anand P. Santhanam, Cristina Canavesi, and Prof. Rolland) on "Gabor-domain Optical Coherence Microscopy and Applications"; and Prof. Rolland was a discussion leader on "Task-Based Design of Imaging Systems." Also in attendance was Kevin Thompson, Visiting Scientist.

   Speaking of the Institute, Director Xi-Cheng Zhang forwarded a nice note of appreciation that Per Adamson, Director and Coordinator of the Teaching Labs, received after giving a tour to a prospective student. "Thank you very much for dropping everything and taking the time to give
me a tour of the Optics labs," the student wrote. "I found it all very fascinating. It's a huge leap from a high school lab to a university lab. I have always been very interested in math and science, but until I met Amy Entin in the admissions office by chance, I had never considered, or heard of, Optical Engineering. I am very glad I ran into her. The time you spent giving me the tour really opened my eyes, and I am very grateful. Optical Engineering is now something I am considering." Perhaps in the not too distant future, she, too, will represent the Hajim School at a Gordon Research Conference.

As always, keep me updated and have a great week.


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean