Weekly Memo

Aug. 11, 2014

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

   We put a high priority on giving our students opportunities, even as undergraduates, to become involved in research. And there's no better example of that than the Xerox Engineering Research Fellows program that we offer through the David T. Kearns Center in collaboration with Xerox. This competitive program gives Hajim School undergraduates an opportunity to conduct research with a faculty mentor starting the summer before their junior or senior year, and usually extending into the following spring. Since we started this program five years ago, 131 students have participated, and nearly 70 percent of the program's graduates have gone on to graduate school.

     Congratulations to the students of this year's Xerox Engineering Research Fellows class, our largest yet, and their faculty mentors, shown in parentheses: Comfort Adeyemi ( Mark Buckley), Abner Aquino (Wendi Heinzelman), Jonathan Becker (David Quesnel), Changchen Chen (Robert Boyd), Harrison Clarke (Laurel Carney), Efstathios Eleftheriadis (Hitomi Mukaibo), Timothy Felong (Danielle Benoit), Solomon Gaim (Alex Shestopalov), Tek Gautam (Kevin Parker), William Green (Stephen Burns), Nathan Hagstrom (Jong-Hoon Nam), Jessica He (Amy Lerner), Shurouq Hijazi (Wendi Heinzelman), Kenneth Imade (Wendi Heinzelman), Jisu Jiang (Mitch Anthamatten), Rafique Khan (Geunyoung Yoon), Brendan Knight (Regine Choe), James Maslek (Nick Vamivakas), Xiaodan Niu (Jean-Phillipe Couderc), Xuan Pan (Sheryl Gracewski), Haowen Pan (Zhiyao Duan), Kelsey Sahinen-Pedroso (Douglas Kelley), Yuxin Teng (Richard Waugh), Melinda Vander Horst (Diane Dalecki), Sarah Wayson (James McGrath), Jungeun Won (Jannick Rolland), Ebna Zabir (Jonathan Davies) and Danning Zheng (Jiebo Luo). Click here to read more about this program and this year's class.

      Here’s another great way our University gets young people interested in science and research. Each summer, the Laboratory for Laser Energetics holds an eight-week research program for Rochester-area high school students who have just completed their junior year. This summer, 16 students are working on projects that are integral to LLE’s research.

       They present their work at a symposium at the end of the summer and write project reports that are placed on the LLE web site. Since the program started in 1989, a total of 328 students have participated, with more than 30 of them eventually attending the University of Rochester, including the Hajim School, notes Stephen Craxton, a senior scientist at LLE who directs the program. Many alumni from the program have gone on to receive advanced degrees in a broad range of fields including science, engineering, and medicine. More than 30 students from the program have become semifinalists in the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search. Thanks to Stephen and the other LLE engineers and scientists who are mentoring students this summer.

    As always, keep me updated and have a great week.


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean