Weekly Memo

Aug. 18, 2014

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

     An exciting new major at the intersection of science, engineering and music . . . Exceptional departments of engineering and computer science that encourage students to participate in research . . . A professional networking course . . . Support for underrepresented minority students . . .  Ample opportunities to study abroad . . .

     We've got a lot to offer at the Hajim School, and we've updated the view book we show prospective students to reflect the latest offerings. Click here for a look. Special thanks to these students who shared their positive experiences and are profiled in the view book: Abner Aquino '16 (electrical and computer engineering), Louisa Bauer '14 (biomedical engineering), Cassandra Donatelli '13 T5 '14 (archaeology, technology and historical structures), Jeremy Hassett '16 (audio and music engineering), William Green '16 (mechanical engineering), Claire Hotvedt '16 (chemical engineering), Tess Jacobs '15 (optics),  Pedro Vallejo-Ramirez '16 (optics), Isabelle Schmit '16 (computer science), Nancy Vargas '17 (electrical and computer engineering), and Andrew Zeccola '15 (biomedical engineering).

     Congratulations to Rodrigo Gutierrez-Cuevas, a Ph.D. student in Optics, for receiving a scholarship from CONACyT, Mexico's National Council for Science and Technology. Rodrigo is studying theoretical quantum optics with Joseph Eberly, the Andrew Carnegie Professor of Physics and Professor of Optics. 

    Congratulations as well to Bob Bly, '79 (chemical engineering), whose science fiction book The Emancipation of Abraham Lincoln XL-3000 and Other Stories won honorable mention at the 2014 New York Book Festival.

      As always, keep me updated and have a great week.


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean