Weekly Memo

May 11, 2015

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

    Our school year culminates this coming weekend when we award diplomas to 354 Hajim School graduates -- 14 PhD students, 93 masters students  and 247 seniors.

     Among those graduating seniors, 30.4 percent are women, 20.6 percent are international students and 6.1 percent are underrepresented minorities. Most are from Biomedical Engineering (64 students) followed by ChemE (50), Computer Science (42), MechE (40), Optics and Optical Engineering (28), ECE (18), Engineering Sciences (5),  and Geomechanics (1).

     The percentage of women among our graduating seniors is up about 4 percent this year. Among departments, BME leads in percentage of female graduates with 40.1 percent, followed by ChemE with 36 percent and Optics with 28.6 percent.

    Twenty-seven of our graduating seniors will receive double degrees.

     In addition to the diploma ceremonies, we have our annual Order of the Engineer induction ceremony and school-wide and departmental receptions. I encourage you to click here for a full schedule of times and locations.

   It is always a pleasure this time of year to recognize the recipients of several Hajim School awards that are given annually to outstanding students.

    The Charles L. Newton Prize -- recognizing engineering students who show a special proficiency in an engineering subject and have conducted research, given a presentation or published a paper -- is awarded to Changchen Chen ’15 Optical Engineering and Physics and Stephen Sloan ’15 Biomedical Engineering.

    The Donald M. Barnard Prize -- awarded to junior or senior engineering students on the basis of personal qualification and achievement -- goes to Racquel Awuor ’15 Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nicholas Cirucci ’15 Optical Engineering, Trevor Ivanov ’15 Optical Engineering,  Tess Jacobs ’15 Optical Engineering, Garrett Meier ’15 Chemical Engineering, Jeremy Warner ’15 Electrical and Computer Engineering/Computer Science, Ling Yang ’15 Biomedical  Engineering and Andrew Zeccola ’15 Biomedical Engineering.

     The Richard Eisenberg Engineering Award -- which recognizes hard-working undergraduates with an interest in metallurgy -- is presented to Stephanie Rigot ’15 Biomedical Engineering and Samuel Perakis ’16 Biomedical Engineering.

    The Robert L. Wells Prize -- presented to senior engineering students for demonstrated competence in both engineering and the humanities, based on the highest-ranking seniors in the Hajim School as of the fall of their senior year -- is awarded to Mark Mullock ’15 Computer Science, Xing Yan ’15 Computer Science, and Stacie Zwolski ’15 Biomedical Engineering.

    The Tau Beta Pi Prize -- for  Tau Beta Pi seniors who, through academic achievement, proven leadership and sterling character, have excelled and inspired fellow students -- is awarded to Julia Morris ’15 Chemical Engineering and Koji Muto ’15 Mechanical Engineering.

    The G. Harold Hook Prize -- presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding interest in engineering -- is awarded to Pedro Vallejo-Ramirez ’16 Optical Engineering.

     Here some other noteworthy awards and accomplishments by our students.

     Jungeun (Jenny) Won, a Biomedical Engineering senior working in Jannick Rolland's laboratory, is a recipient of the 2015 Walt and Bobbi Makous Prize for Undergraduate Vision Research from the Center for Visual Science.

     This year's winners of the Charles and Janet Forbes Competition, a technical business idea contest for undergrads, are: First place and $4,000 to Lucian Copeland ’15 ECE and Alexander Matthers ’15 BME of NullSpace. Second place and $2,500 to BME seniors Isabella Cazacu, Brittanie Kilchoer, Jennifer Park, and Melinda Vander Horst, and Jacob Bohannon (KEY) of SimuClage. Third place and $500 (three-way tie) to Teamo, including Nick Brown ’15 of Optical Engineering, Anis Kallel ’17 of Computer Science, and Pedro Vallejo-Ramirez ’16 Optical Engineering; CampusFly, including Ervis Vukaj ’16 of Financial Economics, Rikesh Thapa ’15 of Computer Science, Nicholas Falcone ’15 of Financial Economics, and Charlie Kelman ’16 of Computer Science; and Blackout Games, including Kedar Shashidhar ’15 and David Porter ’15, both of Audio and Music Engineering, and Dan Hassin ’16 of Computer Science.

      I am especially pleased to announce the first recipients of Hajim School International Experience Scholarships, which we created earlier this year to provide up to $500 to help Hajim School students defray the costs of studying abroad, including program tuition, room and board, books, local transportation, insurance and international airfare. Congratulations to: Jean Brownell, ChemE '17, Italy; Elias Davis, Computer Science '16, Spain; Lauren Dunlap, ChemE '17, New Zealand; William Green, MechE '16, Italy; Kenneth Imade, ECE '16, Hong Kong; Yi-Wen Liu, ChemE '16, Germany; Connor O'Brien, BME '17, Australia; and Xueqi Zhang, BME '17, United Kingdom. For more information about these scholarships, contact Rohan Palma by email or phone (585) 275-2354.

    These accomplishments would not have been possible without the support of our dedicated, hard-working Hajim School faculty, staff, student mentors, alumni and friends. I greatly appreciate all of your efforts.


Robert L. Clark
Professor and Dean