Weekly Memo

Dear members of the Hajim School community:

Many of you may have already heard this from friends or on the news, but, for those who haven’t, chemical engineering graduate student Sahil Niranjan Desai is recovering from a one-car accident that occurred yesterday. He is being treated at Strong Memorial Hospital. We are all hoping for a speedy recuperation and wish him and his family the best in this difficult time. If you would like more information, Chemical Engineering Chair Matthew Yates can be reached at matthew.yates@rochester.edu.


Returning to academic news, I would like to congratulate Professor Joseph Eberly for winning the 2010 Frederic Ives Medal from the Optical Society of America. This is the most prestigious award that the society gives, and it speaks to the strength of our optics program that Professor Eberly is the seventh faculty member to win the award. It has only been given to a total of 71 people in its 82-year history.

I also want to congratulate the three University of Rochester students - Chris Kauffman, Kevin Lin, and Xiaoqing “Sean” Tang - who earned 14th place in the 2009 Putnam Competition. The results were just announced last week, and 14th place is an impressive result, given the fact that essentially every great research university in North America competes. Sean Tang, who, in addition to studying math, is a computer science major, earned 44th place overall in the competition out of more than 4,000 competitors.

And Professor Chunlei Guo published a paper in the journal Optics Express that has received a great deal of attention. In it he reports a technique that he developed that allows water to run vertically upward, against gravity, on a silicon chip. He achieves this by creating nanostructures in the silicon with a short-pulse laser. Here’s a New York Times article on his work (link).


Robert L. Clark,
Professor and Dean