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The Industrial Associates (IA) Program

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Corning Advanced Optics

Position: Optical Analyst / Software Development Summer Intern
Location: Fairport, NY
Duration: Summer 2019, 8-12 weeks

Corning Advanced Optics is an industry leader in the manufacture of high precision optical systems for lithography and inspection applications, metrology measurement tools and laser components. This is an exciting company with complete in-house design engineering, fabrication, and testing disciplines.


Summer engineering intern position to support the manufacturing and engineering of world-class, high-precision optical systems. This is a dynamic position for an individual to work in Corning's Advanced Optics division.  Primary duties will involve developing or refining data analysis algorithms, software, and graphical user interfaces, to support optics-bench data acquisition or processing of data from optical instruments.


  • BS, MS, or PhD candidate, having completed at least three years higher education
  • Optics coursework in geometrical optics, physical optics, and interferometry
  • Math coursework in multivariable calculus and linear algebra
  • Experience with detailed engineering or scientific calculations, using programming languages (e.g. Python or C/C++) or numerical / mathematical environments (e.g. MATLAB/Octave or Mathematica)
  • Strong organizational skills and detail oriented
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • US citizenship or Green Card holder


David Aronstein
Corning Advanced Optics
60 O’Connor Rd.
Fairport, NY 14450
(585) 388-3684