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Adjunct Faculty

Clarke Eastman

Clarke Eastman

  • Adjunct Faculty Member

MS in Optics, University of Rochester, 1991

(585) 275-2961

Short Biography

Clarke Eastman received his BS in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1980.  Prior to studying optics, he worked at Eastman Kodak Company on a wide range of technologies that invariably included optical aspects.  This led him to enroll at the University of Rochester as a part-time optics student, and he graduated with an MS in 1991.  After leaving Kodak he studied visual computing at the U of R, started a small company creating image-related software, and worked as a measurements and inspection engineer at Corning Incorporated.  He is delighted to be teaching undergraduate optics lab courses, where a large variety of scientific and engineering disciplines inevitably come into play (whether you want them to or not).   His passion in teaching is to establish connections between theory and implementation, which can lead to a deeper understanding of both.