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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Awards

Institute of Optics Undergraduate Award Descriptions

Fujimara Prize: Awarded to a sophomore who represents The Institute’s values of academic excellence, research, and campus citizenship.

2017 Winner: Jaren Ashcraft

Kevin Thompson Prize: Awarded to a student who demonstrates a keen interest in optical design and/or

2017 Winner: Brandon Dube

Britton Award: Awarded to a freshman that has excelled academically and, through his or her actions, demonstrates a keen interest in Optics.

2017 Winner: Erin Sumfleth

Optics Faculty Prize: Awarded to a senior who best exemplifies the ideals of character, scholarship, and service.

2017 Winners: Sarah Bjornland, Joel Hoose

H.D. Polster Prize: Awarded to a senior who has demonstrated through academic performance or a special project, unusual ability in the field of optics.

2017 Winner: Jessica Bernstein

Sommargren Research Award: Awarded to a deserving undergraduate studying the field of optics.

2017 Winner: David Lippman

Donald M. Barnard Prize: Awarded to a senior who: is majoring in engineering, has been accepted into one of the University of Rochester’s masters programs, and shows personal achievement as well as good personal qualities.

2017 Winners: S. Yvonne Bodell and Raymond Lopez-Rios.

G. Harold Hook Prize: Awarded to the student who has demonstrated an above average interest in engineering. Academic standing need not be considered. Special consideration will be given to financial need.

Charles L. Newton Prize: Awarded to a student in HSEAS who shows special proficiency in some subject connected with engineering, and who has conducted research, given a presentation, or published a paper.

Tau Beta Pi Prize: Awarded to Tau Beta Pi seniors who, through academic achievement, proven leadership and sterling character, have excelled and inspired fellow students.

2017 Winner: Jessica Bernstein