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MechE student finds opportunities to help others


Meghan Patrick, at right above, with best friend and roommate Meredith Reese, dressed as servants for the Off Broadway On Campus Fall Show opener, "Be Our Guest," from Beauty and the Beast, "We were just getting excited and taking photos before going on stage for our big performance," Meghan said.

Meghan Patrick ’18 is strongly motivated to serve others.

No wonder she fits right in at the University of Rochester where the motto, Meliora, is a reminder to “make the world ever better.”

Patrick’s goal as a mechanical engineering major in the Hajim School is to one day make the world a better place by tackling such environmental issues as sustainable energy.

In the meantime, as a member of Alpha Phi Omega community service fraternity, she is making a difference by tutoring Rochester inner city school students each Saturday afternoon.

“I am a young, healthy person. I have everything I could ever need or want. There are so many people in this world who need so much help, so why wouldn’t I use my time and energy to help others?” Patrick asks.

Diverse student body, educational program attraced her to Rochester

Initially, Patrick, who is from Assonet, Mass., thought about attending a technical school to pursue her passion for engineering. “I like to create things,” she says. “It’s one thing to learn about how things work, but I also want to make things work.”

As she toured various campuses, she realized she preferred attending a university with a diverse educational program and student population. “That’s what attracted me to Rochester,” she said.

She’s pleased with her choice. “I love my professors; the MechE department is so solid; and my advisor (Prof. Sheryl Gracewski) has helped me so much,” she said.

So has the University’s chapter of the Society of Women Engineers; Patrick, now the chapter president, went to a recent SWE national conference in Nashville, Tenn., attending workshops on resume writing and networking, and meeting lots of company representatives. One of the many interviews she conducted resulted in a summer internship with Raytheon.

SWE “is a very underappreciated club,” she said, “but it has helped me a lot. We’re always welcoming new members, and it's a very easy club to join.”

Off Broadway group a 'nice break from homework'

Patrick also loves music, which she pursues as a singer and dancer with the Off Broadway On Campus musical theatre group. Each semester the group puts on a revue of songs from various musicals. “I’ve been doing theatre since I was 10 years old,” Patrick said. “I was worried when I first came here that I would be doing class work all the time. So it was nice to find a community of people who love music as much as I do.”

Practice is from 10 p.m. to midnight, three nights a week. “It’s such a nice break from homework,” Patrick said.  “I go to dinner, study a few hours, go to OBOC, release all the stress, and then I’m back at it.”