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Student Profiles

Gloria See

Gloria See“University of Rochester students are very competitive to go into the workplace,” she says, “and definitely competitive to go to graduate school.”

Undecided as a freshman about whether she should be majoring in electrical and computer engineering, Gloria See asked for a meeting with Professor Philippe M. Fauchet. Fauchet sent her off with a list of graduate students to speak with and a stack of reading material. When she returned after summer break to say that she had questions about the material but that she was a fast learner, she recalls, “He said, ‘Don’t worry about it. I just wanted to see if you’d do the reading.’ He let me jump right in.”

See, a senior, began next-generation nanotechnology research her sophomore year, electrochemically etching two-dimensional silicon wafers into three-dimensional structures. She has trained graduate students, presented a poster on her research at a conference in Spain, spent a semester abroad studying engineering in Cairo, and did PhD-level work while contracting with an out-of state betavoltaics company.

Last fall, she accepted a post-graduation job with global defense and aerospace company BAE Systems, which will pay for See to earn her master’s degree.