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Student Profiles

Ben Yezer

Ben YezerMajor: Chemical Engineering
Position: Defensive lineman

Ben Yezer was 16 when, after a weeklong backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail, he decided to research and design alternative technologies that would lessen threats to the environment. These days, while working toward that goal, the sophomore is an academic standout who juggles a hearty workload with numerous athletic and social responsibilities.

Inside the classroom, his enthusiasm earned him letters from the chemistry and physics departments offering congratulations on his midterm performance. Outside, the defensive lineman for the University’s football team tutors freshman teammates; is involved with the St. Sebastian Community Service Society, a campus organization for student athletes; and is a member of the student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

The size of the chemical engineering department was a huge draw for Yezer, who wanted to take advantage of the close relationships he would be building with some of the industry’s top researchers. He plans to participate in a summer internship that pairs undergraduates with professors on a side-by-side project.

“I won’t just be working with graduate students,” he says. “That was something I really wanted, and now I’m actually going to get to do it.”