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Graduate Program

Hitachi Tabletop Microscope TM3000

SEM Tabletop Microscope TM3000The University of Rochester Chemical Engineering Department houses a Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in Gavett Hall.  The Hitachi TM3000 can evaluate samples up to 70mm across and 50mm thick using an electron beam accelerated to 5 or 15kV as a light source.  Magnification capabilities exist up to 30,000x with options for 2x and 4x digital zoom.

Only people trained for use of the Chemical Engineering SEM will have logon access to the microscope’s computer. The SEM should not be used without first reserving a time. All use needs to be recorded via the reservation calendar, (See description for scheduling process.)  To support the costs of ongoing maintenance, vendor service and consummable fees, an hourly charge will be calculated against faculty accounts according to percentage of use.   Location:  223 Gavett


Rachel Monfredo, Gavett 109C
Ph: 585.275.7885