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Professor Eric Jankowski

Wednesday, September 8, 2021
3:25 p.m.
Goergen 108

Boise State University

"Will minimizing cognitive load improve polymer modeling and make our field more equitable?"

Abstract: Sustainable generating energy and manufacturing new composites both depend on engineering the nanostructures of very large systems: Solar panel arrays and airplanes, as examples. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to predict material structure because of experimental or computational limits to observing the required length scales and time scales. Here we focus on strategies for overcoming computational limits to predicting the morphologies in organic materials with applications in power generation and structural composites. We discuss simplified models for overcoming sampling barriers in molecular simulations, and the application of evidence-based instructional practices for overcoming training barriers for new molecular simulators. We find these acceleration schemes enable prediction of some of the largest validated organic photovoltaic and reacting epoxy thermosets to date, and provide an on-ramp for mentors to apply universal design for learning across classroom and lab environments