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Electrochemistry is a rich scientific discipline that integrates chemistry, thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, and transport phenomena, i.e. the core competencies of chemical engineers.  Electrochemical systems are critical in applications spanning from biomedical devices to materials synthesis to sustainable energy production and storage.  Chemical Engineering is the only department at the University of Rochester that offers extensive expertise and training of students in this vital field.  Research groups study and utilize electrochemistry in pursuit of thin film electrodeposition, energy production via fuel cells, energy storage in solid-state and liquid-based lithium batteries, and controlled gene-injection into living cells.

Active Faculty / Research Area

J. Jornѐ: hydrogen fuel cells, lithium ion battery modeling

A. Müller: Heterogeneous Electrocatalysis; Pulsed-Laser-in-Liquids Preparation of Controlled Nanomaterials; Nanocatalyst Property–Functionality Relationships; Selective CO2 Reduction Catalysis; Integrated Solar Fuels Photoelectrodes; Nanomaterials for Anti-Cancer Applications.

W. Tenhaeff:  solid state lithium metal batteries, solid electrolytes, electropolymerization, corrosion inhibition

M. Yates:  electrodepostion of hydroxyapatite