Prof. Doyley a co-investigator on funded NIH R21 award

August 1, 2016

Prof. Marvin Doyley is a co-investigator on an interdisciplinary project recently awarded with NIH R21 funding.  Prof. Stephen McAleavey, associate professor of Biomedical Engineering, serves as the project's principal investigator.  The goal of the project, titled "Quantification of Shear Wave Strain Dependence in Breast Tissues," is to improve the power of ultrasound imaging to predict if a breast lesion is benign or malignant by using a novel, high-resolution technique to noninvasively map the nonlinear mechanical properties of breast tissue.  Other co-investigators on the project are Dr. Linda Schiffhauer (Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine) and Dr. Avice O'Connell (Department of Imaging Sciences).