Shekhar/Huntzicker/Awuor/Doyley Paper Published

November 1, 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Himanshu Shekhar (University of Cincinnati), Dr. Steven Huntzicker (Matrix Research), Racquel (Ivy) Awuor, and Prof. Marvin Doyley on the publication of their manuscript titled "Chirp-coded ultraharmonic imaging with a modified clinical intravascular ultrasound system."  The article appears in the November 2016 issue of Ultrasonic Imaging.  Dr. Shekhar and Dr. Huntzicker both received their Ph.D. degrees at the University of Rochester; Prof. Doyley served as their supervisor.  Ivy Awuor is a graduate student at the University of Rochester and served as an undergraduate researcher in Prof. Doyley's lab.