Lab Members Present at IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium

September 9, 2017

Members of the Parametric Imaging Research Laboratory attended and presented at the 2017 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, which took place in  Washington, DC from 6-9 September 2017.  The following work was presented:

  • M Doyley, R Nayak, N Carson, G Schifitto, “Elastographic imaging of the carotid arteries of HIV-infected patients with and without cardiovascular disease: a pilot study."

  • R Nayak, G Schifitto, M Doyley, “Visualizing angle-dependent principal strains in the longitudinal view of the carotid artery: phantom and in vivo evaluation.”

  • H Wang, R Ahmed, K Connolly, S Gerber, B Pogue, M Doyley, “Shear wave elasticity imaging of pancreatic cancer tumors treated with immunotherapy and radiotherapy.

  • R Ahmed, SA McAleavey, MM Doyley, “A novel tracking strategy for single tracking location shear wave elasticity imaging.”